Jan 10, 2014

Just to keep the motion alive

  1. Better one day in Asian heat, than a month in European street snow and mud
  2. If I had spent more time on travelings, instead in offices, I would be a different person today
  3. If I posses boots 700 EUR worth, I would swap it for an airplane ticket 
  4. It is not all about destination. There is something in a movement itself
  5. You can not run away from your head, not even at tropical island 
  1. We should be grateful for each new day, good and bad. Because at the end, everything is good 
  2. No matter how many words I learn in Asia, when I come back, I know only "Hallo" and "Thank you"
  3. But I rock Thai English. "Rie" instead of "rice", "load" instead of "road"! 
  4. It is cool to buy T Shirts with names of cities, although it can look like tourist cliche 
  5. Spare amount of blonde hair color is priceless. In Asia, it costs a bunch
Blonde curse 
  1. It is always good to have spare body waxing strips
  2. Durian fruit is extra healthy, but it tastes and smells like hell. Combination of fatty soap and rotten cabbage 
  3. Algae snacks are 10 times better than chips 
  4. I can eat red curry soup every day 
  5. Buckets of alcohol are not for amateurs. It can cause amnesia and unbelievable feeling of shame tomorrow 
Neighborhood at Koh Phangan 
Neighborhood at Siem Reap
  1. Tuk-tuk drive is always fun. Especially if Thai woman sits on accumulator 
  2. If you wait for a traffic light, you will never cross the street in Saigon 
  3. Improvisation - mother. How to measure waist at Koh Phangan? With roommate`s shoe lace and building meter that you borrowed from landlord 
  4. Sak Yant tattoos are cheapest in temples 
  5. After regular massage, one easily becomes horny 
Who needs a traffic light?
  1. Never enough of Tiger Balm. Next time I will bring transport box 
  2. At Koh Phangan, there is a frog that sound like a cow 
  3. Monkeys are not sweet little animals! They are thiefs. Be careful at Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur 
  4. Sarong is a must have accessories for beach, bus/boat transfer, motorbike ride and for night sleep 
  5. I am not going anywhere without sleeping mask 
Holiday in Cambodia
  1. If you can not get your tan, check if you bought body milk with whitener. Almost every one consist it 
  2. Koh Phangan hospital nurses are not so gentle 
  3. Water and color splash for Songkram (New Year, April 13) is total madness
  4. I would leave a last dollar to Cambodia children
  5. ...Just to keep the motion alive
What do you see in this pic?

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